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Definition of value proposition in Contact Centers outsourcing

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A supplier of contact center services increases new clients revenue stream adjusting the services portfolio and the sales process according to the customer value delivery.

Initial client situation and challenges

Despite having extensive experience and expertise in providing a variety of services to a number of selected clients, in very competitive, highly demanding sectors and complex environments, the company was not able to effectively attract new customers and diversify its client portfolio.

In addition, an underperforming commercial effectiveness despite the high number of service proposals made to prospective clients denotes lack of focus and difficulties to convey thevalue proposition.

Solution Approach

Adoria deployed a transformational approach to reconfigure the company’s value proposition starting from a complete understanding of the business and supported by a benchmarking of the operational KPI related to key levers of the value proposition:

  • Service level.
  • Quality of service and inquiry resolution.
  • Service productivity and efficiency.

Adoria helped the client in the redesign of the value proposition focusing on the customer benefits and demonstrable strengths identified in the preliminary analysis that addressed the following topics:

  • Delivered value and its relevancy by customer segments.
  • Portfolio differentiation against competition.
  • Key business processes and internal capabilities.

As a result, a set of key action lines were established, including:

  • Focusing sales operations on those services and target customer / sectors with most business potential for the company.
  • Redesigning sales materials and proposals in order to properly embed the value proposition and respond to key factors from customer’s perspective.
  • Implementation of detected improvements to the main sales activities, from client briefing and proposal elaboration to the set-up and stabilization of service delivery, as well as in the client relationship model.




The implementation of the proposed action plan did result in a significant improvement regarding conversion rate and turned up to a 90% increase of the portfolio of new clients.