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Transformation of the distribution network sales model

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Initial client situation and challenges

The client started a transformation process of the business model, transitioning from generalist area managers with a high degree of autonomy to create differentiated business lines in each local office, based on specific methodology by customer segments.

Within this process the SMEs National Management Office was created, responsible for the design, implementation and monitoring of the new operational model.
The analysis of the new business line, with 250 commercial agents and 200 more planned for the short-term, resulted in the following key issues:

  • Coordinators belonging to the National Management Office were focused on the fast deployment of new local offices.
  • Training of the sales force in sales methodology did not involve managers and team leaders.
  • Lack of visibility over the commercial activity or monitoring over the actual degree of adoption of the sales methodology
  • Team leaders focused on their own sales targets, without any personal monitoring and improvement framework, leading to a vicious circle, with a long learning curve and high attrition rate and where coordinators from the National Management Office have to continuously supervise local offices.


Solution Approach

The transformation solution implemented by Adoria entailed the following initiatives:

  • Involvement of Territorial Management in the planning, communication and monitoring of the  Roll Out at local offices.
  • Creation of high performance groups with staff of the National Management and local offices in order to deploy sales operations best practices, and to design the training and monitoring model of the sales team.
  • Redefinition of the functions of the Team Leader in order to improve team members training, monitoring and coaching.
  • Redesing of the local office deployment policies: Team Leaders acting as the key change role, while the coordinator of National Management Office focused on the execution and assessment of the team management model implementation process.
  • Implementation of the sales operations reporting system via BlackBerry, and designing and automation of dashboards and monitoring reports.


  • Increase in sales efficiency: +20% in sales/person for commercial agents with less than 1 year of experience: +5% for sales representatives with more than 1 year of experience.
  • Acceleration of the learning curve: +26% in sales/commercial during the first month after joining the team.
  • 17% reduction in attrition during the first 3 months.