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Help Desk optimization

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Help Desk and support service from and company with 4.000 employees reduces staff costs by a 30% and improves resolution times.

Initial client situation and challenges

The high degree of specialization generates low productivity levels with significat individual deviations in resolution time due to the low maturity level in work standardization and a lack of individual follow-up processes that, in turn, results in:

  • Dissatisfaction of internal customers regarding the time and quality in incident resolution.
  • Service managers focused on indicent resolution at the expense of team management.

Solution Approach

Once analyzed the typologies of service demand and the individual resolution times, different groups were conformed in order to:

  • Identify preventive actions and opportunities for process automation.
  • Develop operational protocols based on best practices.
  • Define incident scalation criteria between first and second level of specialization.

Because of the optimization process, a variety of organizational and management initiatives were deployed, including:

  • Integration of phone support and onsite teams with role assignment according to existing workloads.
  • Set up of a service prioritization model on the basis of the defined service levels by incident types and department.
  • Implementation of a management system aimed at the goal achievement and continuous improvement.




Improvement of resolution time and quality, while cutting down required staff by 35%.