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What we do

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We help our customers increase their competitiveness by deploying improvements in operations management and assessing in business transformation and restructuring plans. Starting at the identification of improvement opportunities and supporting to crucial decision-making situations to the design and implementation of solutions that will ensure our customers the return of their investment.

We conduct change situations that require from the company involved rapid adaptation skills, while providing external vision and objective-based view from a pragmatic approach, always adjusting to our customer needs, being our valuable contribution maximized due to our specialized practices.


Adoria Consulting specializes in helping companies to promote operative excellence and improving the operational performance management.

We help enhancing the competitiveness of the company either in situations of low operational performance where resources and efforts will have to be crucially gathered up aiming to the recovery of efficiency and productivity key indicators as in processes of greater scope and complexity, where we support the company in the design and implementation of transformational changes of their operating model that will simultaneously impact in multiple business processes and organizational areas.


Sales & Growth

Adoria Consulting helps organizations increase revenue generation and profitability.

We transform the sales function, from the reorientation of the strategic model up to sales force and commercial operations optimization. We empower a profitable and sustainable growth, making plans for expansion and efficient business models to better exploit market opportunities.

We develop customer value through new services and solutions along with business management policies to maximize the impact on the client.

Adoria adds to the commercial function a structured approach to business, organization and operations that combines an analytical insight for a better strategy, with pragmatic and effective solutions for the development of internal capabilities while focusing on change management and effective implementation.


Customer Management

We assist in giving response to an increasingly exigent customer demand, coping as well with the growing complexity of customer services management by speeding up the identification, design and implementation of solutions that will positively impact on resolution quality, faster response, customer retention, cross-selling, reduction of operating costs and staff motivation.



Adoria provides the required expertise to design and implement effective solutions to business recovery and sustainability (viability plans) along with the organizational and operational restructuring (work organization, functional issues) providing coverage and technical support to the legal advisor, both in labor-related processes and in business and organizational forensics.

Our expertise in improvement and transformation projects for different company areas together with more than 20 years of knowledge supporting employment law advisors through many restructuring processes enable us to provide optimal solutions:

  • Aligned with an effective, pragmatic business recovery strategy.
  • Deployable in an agile, solvent manner.
  • Ensuring proper management of the process while minimizing any possible risks.



Adoria provides specialized operations and business support to optimize the decision-making throughout the process of corporate transactions. In addition, we contribute to obtain real results in the transition of the organization to the new scenario. Our experience in operations and management enables us to assist our clients throughout the various stages of the transaction to, in the pre-deal, deepen the analysis and understanding of the target, optimize the valuation or capture synergies, and managing the organizational and operational challenges, in the post-deal phase, while minimizing any associated risks.


Industry 4.0

With our other brand MaaS Industrial Advisors we improve the competitiveness of the industry by implementing strategic and operational digitization through portfolios, programs and digital transformation projects, selecting the best technology accessible to any size of company. That's Industry 4.0. In parallel, with our brand Adoria Consulting, specializing in operations consulting, we implement the necessary changes in the organization, processes and management systems to achieve maximum efficiency in business processes.