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Industry 4.0

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With our other brand MaaS Industrial Advisors we improve the competitiveness of the industry by implementing strategic and operational digitization through portfolios, programs and digital transformation projects, selecting the best technology accessible to any size of company. That's Industry 4.0. In parallel, with our brand Adoria Consulting, specializing in operations consulting, we implement the necessary changes in the organization, processes and management systems to achieve maximum efficiency in business processes.

Our Focus

Our focus is data analysis (based on our training, experience and advanced techniques of data analysis – Big Data) for decision making changes that improve industrial competitiveness. Decisions to do things better, decisions to do things differently and decisions to do totally new things based on the information and knowledge of a hyperconnected client, that raise our industrial products with personalized services.

Our Program

Through our DINE® program DIgitalization of the INdustry with focus on BUsiness) we save the distance between the technology and the business, facilitating to the industrial organizations their digital transformation towards the Industry 4.0, orienting the strategic approach towards the use of the technology with sense of business and accompanying the Direction in the operative implementation that transform Our expertise in engineering, industry and business, our methodology and our management and consulting experience provide us with an advantage that ensures the success of the process.

Our Methodology

The project management methodology (PPfM), endorsed by the Project Management Institute, is the most effective way to implement and execute the strategic projects as it builds the bridge that connects the strategy with its actual implementation.

Our Competences

Contrasted competencies and skills by deploying strategic projects, mobilizing and transforming, in a structured and sustainable manner, the different areas in industrial organizations, leading the teams towards the expected results.