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Adoria Consulting specializes in helping companies to promote operative excellence and improving the operational performance management.

We help enhancing the competitiveness of the company either in situations of low operational performance where resources and efforts will have to be crucially gathered up aiming to the recovery of efficiency and productivity key indicators as in processes of greater scope and complexity, where we support the company in the design and implementation of transformational changes of their operating model that will simultaneously impact in multiple business processes and organizational areas.


Adoria Consulting focuses on the improvement of the company inefficiencies. We solve business issues that are typically present in operational, organizational and management areas.

Our expertise in the design of solutions with strategic and transversal approach to business operations along with a day-to-day support ensures an effective implementation and a proper change management process, while optimally focusing on the ongoing efforts towards a cluster of clearly identified common goals.

We support our clients through the path of improvement towards operational excellence with the design of strategic and operational transformation solutions always aligned with the company objectives.


We transform the business by addressing organizational and operational issues, focusing on the achievement and improvement of business goals:

  • Design and deployment of the operating and production models.
  • Organizational and operational due diligence elaboration supported by organizational benchmarks and operations and service indicators.
  • Transformation of the Back office and the logistic, supply chain and purchasing systems, etc.
  • Cross-functional integration of processes and services, and optimization of service levels


We improve organization and operations: focusing on the improvement of operational productivity and efficiency KPIs with direct impact on the cost and profitability of the business:

  • Identification and optimization of the company and processes inefficiencies and improvement in the operations planning.
  • Organizational fit, structure and functions reorganization, and workforce rightsizing.
  • Adoption and implementation of organizational, operational and management best practices for cost containment, productivity increase and service level improvement.
  • Optimization of the outsourced services management (goals, indicators and SLAs, reporting, etc.) and management support for any outsourcing processes: service/process definition, requirements design, supplier selection and service transition.


We reinforce performance management: focusing on the quality and effectiveness development of the management system and the incentives and reward mechanisms:

  • Design and deployment of indicators, management metrics by objectives and business scorecards for the improvement of the organizational and operational management skills.
  • Definition of business operation planning and management control policies and processes.
  • Design and implementation of the performance reward model (remuneration and incentives).


Organizational Transformation Leadership

The determining success factor in the processes of change frequently lies not only on the experience in the company business processes, but in the capacity and time availability of the people who must carry it all out, normally upper and middle managers with multiple responsibilities derived from daily management.

The consultants and project directors of Adoria Consulting harbor wide experience in management of transformation projects where one of the key factors is the required leadership to ensure the efficiency and agility during deployment while implementing results in an optimal way.

Regardless of the sector, business area, or particular department of the organization, the integration of Adoria Consulting during the process of change with the people and functions involved allow us to lead on close-view, providing complete visibility of the progress to company’s management. In this way, we reinforce organizational and process improvements, leaving the new tools of operational management on the hands of the company for it to be able of creating new improvements in a recurring, effective way.

Operational and Organizational Improvement

Resource planning and dimensioning

In a situation of highly changing demand like the one affecting today the current economic downturn there is often a mismatch between the provision of human and material resources that may ending up in causing additional costs due to resources idleness or non-compliance of deadlines in the event of overflow capacity.

Based on analysis and once determined the market demand behavior patterns, Adoria Consulting customizes the planning and programming system to allocate available resources where they are needed or where more value they will provide while optimizing the management processes for the activity to be more flexible and adaptable to a changing reality, in a structured and systematic manner.

The benefits obtained by changing an essentially reactive organizational attitude to a more planned way allows the reduction of the usual operating costs normally due, among others, to avoidable repetition of completed tasks, logistic urgencies or imbalances affecting the optimal production sequencing that will directly translate into higher personnel costs or sales lost due to a non-competitive delivery timing.


Lean Solutions

In terms of competitiveness,, order, standardization and ongoing improvement in operational, productive and business support back office processes give the organization competitive advantages both in terms of cost containment and for what it comes to the minimization of response time, providing an optimal use of all resources in each stage of the process that, in turn, allows the cost to equate to the value of the output.

Through the implementation of Lean Manufacturing techniques in all organization areas, from critical analysis of the operational processes and sources of waste, to the study of information and resources flow, we identify any organizational dysfunction and the potential for efficiency and flexibility improvement tailored for every and each scenario in order to produce tangible and short-term impact results.