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Adoria provides the required expertise to design and implement effective solutions to business recovery and sustainability (viability plans) along with the organizational and operational restructuring (work organization, functional issues) providing coverage and technical support to the legal advisor, both in labor-related processes and in business and organizational forensics.

Our expertise in improvement and transformation projects for different company areas together with more than 20 years of knowledge supporting employment law advisors through many restructuring processes enable us to provide optimal solutions:

  • Aligned with an effective, pragmatic business recovery strategy.
  • Deployable in an agile, solvent manner.
  • Ensuring proper management of the process while minimizing any possible risks.


Our experience and our business, organizational and operational understanding enable us for a more agile, faster analysis, diagnosis and definition of any possible required action plans to articulate the intended restructuring as well as a proper change management plan regarding all impacted areas (reorganization, divestitures, labor restructuring, operational transformation, …).

Our expertise in all different company areas stands our key element of added value for the legal advisor in that it allows us to:

  • Provide appropriate solutions and technical support to the legal advisor to successfully complete the processes of restructuring and the workforce rightsizing derived from business transformations.
  • Quickly and clearly integrate the company situation allowing us to detect key aspects in approaching the process in an effective and rapid manner.

Business and operational restructuring

Rethinking the operational or business model requires a strong coordination of multidisciplinary actions that will affect diverse areas of the company within a reduced time window in an appropriate manner and most likely paralleling with the day-to-day management to:

  • Manage strategic, operational and organizational change, ensuring the implementation of the required changes while minimizing any risk or possible negative impacts.
  • Support the business transformation and its adaptation to business context that will enable the company to achieve viability in a sustainable manner.

From our extensive experience we bring up solutions through:

  • Design feasibility and stabilization plans.
  • Improvement and operational transformation, operational assessment and management control actions and measures.
  • Redefinition of organizational structure, efficient resource allocation plans, and optimization of working conditions.
  • Offshoring, outsourcing, termination of non-profitable activities.
  • Risk assessment and contingency plans, design and management of internal and external communication.
  • Implementation of change processes, training and support during transition.

Labor and organizational restructuring

Over 20 years experience providing coverage and technical assistance to legal services firms enables us to set ourselves up as true project partners for the legal advisor, assuming and understanding their labor strategy, and giving response to the needs arising from it.

Our technical support gives coverage, among others, to processes such as:

  • Definition of required resources and their costs.
  • Flexibility.
  • Functional requirements.
  • Efficiency mesures aiming at productivity improvement
  • Corporate transactions (insolvency proceedings, investment capital, organizational changes, …)


We cover the full life cycle of any restructuring process or organizational change:

  • Preparation of conceptual actions: analysis, identification, design.
  • Elaboration of the mandatory technical information: causes reports, feasibility plans.
  • Support in the negotiating stages: assistance and defense in negotiations,contingency and communication plans, additional support studies.

With our participation, we contribute to the success of the restructuring process and to the viability of the business project:

  • We get to increase credibility and soundness in the implementation of all labor    measures advocated by the legal adviser, providing solid arguments, backed both documentary and technically.
  • We endow credibility, external vision, rigor and objectivity to justify any measure proposed by the, legal adviser by means of a multidimensional approach.
  • We provide agility, minimizing the dedication of the customer’s internal team, helping to maintain both the corporate image and the usual working environment.