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Sales & Growth

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Adoria Consulting helps organizations increase revenue generation and profitability.

We transform the sales function, from the reorientation of the strategic model up to sales force and commercial operations optimization. We empower a profitable and sustainable growth, making plans for expansion and efficient business models to better exploit market opportunities.

We develop customer value through new services and solutions along with business management policies to maximize the impact on the client.

Adoria adds to the commercial function a structured approach to business, organization and operations that combines an analytical insight for a better strategy, with pragmatic and effective solutions for the development of internal capabilities while focusing on change management and effective implementation.


The improvement in design, management and execution of sales operations, plays a crucial role in sales growth and business profitability.

Our approach helps to profitably boost income generation in an effective and efficient manner, and to develop options for business growth and commercial expansion of the organization.

Adoria helps to improve the marketing and sales function, to better design, manage and execute sales and business development activities through diverse collaborations of diverse reach. From projects where the main focus is placed on areas of specific improvement in order to sell more and better, to company-wide programs aiming to the transformation of the business model, the deployment of expansion initiatives or a bettering of the efficiency in the management and implementation of the whole sales cycle.

For these reasons, our Sales & Growth practice comprises 3 areas of expertise that contribute to increase sales capacity, the profitability along the customer and sales cycle, and the competitiveness of the company.

Sales strategy and distribution model redesign

We set all resources to focus on the areas with the greatest impact in value generation and achievement of business objectives, materializing improvements in key areas such as customer and business opportunities selection and targeting, capacity and customer access and acquisition effectiveness and capability enablement, or a better go-to-market.

  • Segmentation and analysis of profitability and growth potential of the product , market, customer and channel mix, identifying target customers for the sales strategy.
  • Assessment of the value proposition and pricing polities aiming at the rationalization of the sales portfolio and the development of added-value solutions and services.
  • Evaluation of the commercial strategy: alternatives and objectives by segment     and channel, designing and implementing actions for sales improvement,     profitability, and sales metrics (penetration, diversification,    contribution margin, etc.).
  • Redesign of the sales model, from the definition of the optimal go-to-market and     commercial approach to the impact on sales network.
  • Profitable customer management applied through its classification and clustering according to the customer/segment value, and deploying sales management policies for the healthy development of the entire  customer portfolio.
  • Sectorial and market studies, along with the assessment of opportunities for business growth, sales expansion and business development: feasibility analysis and business planning.

Transformation of the sales management system

We identify opportunities for improvement in the sales management process for the design and implementation of management and planning policies, organizational changes and operational solutions aimed at raising achievement capabilities of business goals and the improvement of efficiency in sales resources management and allocation.

  • Improvement of sales planning for commercial development and sales acceleration through the definition and assignment of objectives aligned with the business as well as the optimal scheduling of sales activities, ensuring a balance between targets and available resources.
  • Redesigning of the sales management process through processes and policies optimization according to market’s best practices and the definition and implementation of a new commercial methodology.
  • Restructuring of the sales organization, streamlining functions, structure and mechanisms of relationship and coordination of the commercial team, while ensuring its alignment with the sales model and commercial strategy.
  • Resizing of the commercial team and sales force, determining size, allocation and utilization (area coverage, channels, etc.) required by the sale plan and both current and future needs.
  • Design and implementation of operational control systems and performance monitoring and reporting based on performance indicators, effectiveness ratios and sales operations scorecards aligned with the planned objectives.

Optimization of the sales cycle execution

We focus on the key components and resources involved in sales operations to improve efficiency, productivity and cost while increasing the value perceived by the client and the quality of service.

  • Sales force performance management: definition of profiles, functions and goals, design of processes and mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation, and development of the remuneration and incentives system along with an effective training model based on competencies.
  • Training of the sales team: deployment of policies and procedures of the sales process, design and implementation of information repositories and support tools for the commercial activity.
  • Sales operations support: optimization of sales support administrative tasks and processes, reorganization of the commercial back office and backing up in the outsourcing of both sales operations and support activities.