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Adoria provides specialized operations and business support to optimize the decision-making throughout the process of corporate transactions. In addition, we contribute to obtain real results in the transition of the organization to the new scenario. Our experience in operations and management enables us to assist our clients throughout the various stages of the transaction to, in the pre-deal, deepen the analysis and understanding of the target, optimize the valuation or capture synergies, and managing the organizational and operational challenges, in the post-deal phase, while minimizing any associated risks.

Pre-Deal: Support in corporate transactions

The main goal when addressing corporate transactions involving the acquisition and sale of companies, integration or carve-out of selected activities is achieving value maximization while minimizing risk assumption.

Often, insufficient attention to key dimensions in the process, such as the organizational, operational and commercial areas, may cause a decision of acquisition or sale go wrong in the pre-deal phase.

Adoria provides the necessary support throughout the process of buying or selling by providing pragmatic solutions, focused on the challenges that emerge in a corporate transaction usually of critical and complex nature. Our expertise focuses especially on the activities of:

  • Due Diligence (Buy-Side). Expert support in the analysis for decision-making that allows to ensure the alignment of the business case with the objectives of the ongoing operation, deepen in understanding the economic, organizational, operational or commercial impact in the valuation, or identifying potential risks, synergies and integration costs.
  • Due Diligence (Sell-Side). Contributing to the maximization of sale value through pre-sale operational and organizational optimization, a refined and objective presentation of assets and operations, or the support in the selling process as well as in the relationship with buyers.
  • Pre-Deal Operational Support. Providing technical expertise in the areas of valuation of the transaction  and in the management of the whole process, from the business, assets and operations valuation, business planning and post-deal operational scenarios , or the operational reinforcement to the client’s team during the transactional stage (documentation, data room, offers/targets analysis, support in negotiations, etc.).

Post-Deal : support in the integration or segregation of activities

The success of any corporate transation culminates with an optimal transition and business stabilization helping to maximize the aggregate value of all parties involved, by preserving the pre-deal value while realizing post-deal synergies and optimizing transaction and integration/carve-out costs.

Improper management of post-deal integration or stabilizing activities may prevent, and even destroy, the generation of long-term value in up to 50% of the cases.

For this reason, Adoria provides results-oriented approach while minimizing the materialization of risks and costs that might threaten value conservation and creation for the involved parties.

  • Post-Deal organizational transition. Accompaniment in the process of integration or segregation of the business, establishing a common and results-oriented framework to the approach and planning of the process, focusing on key objectives, driving organizational, operational, commercial and management transformation, and backing the organization with important support and coordination functions (project management office, communication, contingencies, etc.).
  • Performance and profitability acceleration. Operating reinforcement that will allow the consolidation of integration synergies and the development of performance improvements, through the deployment of optimization and organizational and operational improvement programs, restructuring support functions, or with a better integration of both management and performance monitoring systems.