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About us

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Adoria Consulting is a consultancy firm specialized in restructuring, along with the organizational, operational and business-wide transformation of the organization.

We harbor 20 years of expertise in consultancy, working along with our clients in terms of design and deployment of high impact solutions for business transformation and operational optimization.

Our expertise integrates wide experience in organizational, operative and commercial improvement along with a clear understanding of the economic situation for what it comes to business and company requirements.

We harbor proven experience in more than 25 sectors, working both with multinational groups, and big to medium-sized companies.


Excellence and results

We conduct change situations that require from the company involved rapid adaptation skills, prioritizing main areas of improvement and conforming flexible approaches both for internal and external change scenarios in order to provide the most pragmatical solutions.

We help companies to improve profitability along with commercial and operational efficiency, optimizing customer management and enhancing the relationship with the client, and ensuring success in restructuring processes and corporate operations.

Customer dedication

We adapt to client requirements and generate customized, consensual solutions to trigger optimal results aligned with company expectations.

We focus on achieving results and goal fulfillment, maximizing efficiency in activities that provide actual, effective value.