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CapabilitiesOur consulting services channel a broad range of outstanding added value capabilities that will bring up external angle and objectivity, designed to propel the company transformation by increasing its profitability, efficiency and competitiveness, while guaranteeing our clients their investment return.


In an economic environment where the need for competitiveness protection and improvement are clearly necessary in any activity sector, the development of efficiency levels in all business areas and, especially, in bsuiness operations, becomes key-stone in ensuring the sustainability of the company.


We have over 15 years of experience improving efficiency and quality of service in multiple sectors, both in service- companies and industrial sector.

We adjust to the organization standards to achieve true, certifiable results in the implementation of organizational changes, pushing for best practices adoption in management and operational systems in all business areas, supported by a strong reporting capability as base-line for an increased visibility system of the company operations.



Sales & Growth


Increasing revenue generation and boosting sales in a profitable, efficient manner requires the adjustment of the company for an adequate response to multiple variables derived from an increasingly complex market. A competition that is turning more aggressive every day, the customer’s growing sophistication along with a multiplying diversity of sales and distribution channels are inputs to consider.

In an increasingly competitive, globalized environment with maturing markets and a more demanding and complex demand, companies face a difficult challenge when it comes to embody business development opportunities and profitable growth.

Our extensive experience improving sales departments along with a proper understanding of business development, marketing and distribution key levers enable us to provide high impact solutions with short-term results when facing a variety of challenges such as achieving business and commercial objectives, improving efficiency and productivity of sales operations, or increasing customer profitability.




Customer Management


We assist in giving response to an increasingly exigent customer demand, coping as well with the growing complexity of customer services management, supporting our customers through operating model transformation processes, in the launching of new services and the operational improvement of existing ones.

Our 15 years of experience in improvement and implementation of customer service projects either in face-to-face services or on contact centers allow us to provide agile solutions that will have a positive impact in customer satisfaction and revenue growth while reducing operating costs.

Our goal is to propel the identification, design and implementation of improvements in processes, organizational structure, and management model and capabilities.



BlocksThe increasingly globalized and changing economic environment requires from companies to efficiently manage restructuring scenarios and organizational transformations that will allow them to recover the company competitiveness when facing to low performance situations, while ensuring the business sustainability in economic crisis scenarios.

Our expertise implementing improvement and transformation projects for all company-related areas, along with more than 20 years of experience in restructuring processes, enable us to provide optimal, effective solutions and ensuring a proper management of the entire process.




Corporate transactions constitute a valuable tool in the deployment of business strategy, from the acquisition of companies for an inorganic growth or entering new markets, to transactions involving an strategic reorientation, divestment for cash generation or exiting non-viable activities.

Adoria brings a wide range of skills and experience in support activities that happen to be crucial for success in development and management of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or in those of sale, spin-off or carve out of companies or activities, either from buy-side or sell-side.

In addition, our professional staff used and trained to coordinate and collaborate in an efficient and seamlessly way with other specialists and advisers from different sectors (audit, legal, fiscal, etc. ) involved in such operations, jointly with the client’s staff.